Tips for Keeping Your Lips Moist

Follow these simple steps for healthy and happy lips in time for Valentine’s Day!

How to keep your lips moist…
1. Stop Self-Lubricating

Licking your lips may seem to help alleviate dryness, but it actually creates an endless cycle of detriment to your lips; the more you lick them the worse it gets. The chemical problem this causes only gets worse as you try to fix it, so it can do a lot of good to start training yourself not to lick your lips.

 2. Put The Night Time to Good Use

Getting in the habit of applying your lip balm just before you go to sleep is the best way to use your balm because while you’re awake, your lips are in regular use. Not only do you expose them to the various environmental conditions, you also eat, drink, laugh, cough, smile, yawn, and stretch that skin repeatedly, removing any topical treatments you’ve put on.

 So why not fight this off as you sleep?

In the morning, your lips will feel moist and healthy. If you follow this routine nightly, you’ll find that your lips will stay moist, requiring less balm throughout the day. It is however, always important to remember to reapply lip balm before extended periods of time outdoors, especially during the winter months.

 3. Exfoliate Lips Regularly

Rough and chapped lips are not ready for kissing of any kind!

Regular exfoliation will remove dead skin from your lips and renew them with a fresher, more vital layer. From there, it’s essential to protect the new skin with lip balm to ensure healthy lips from the beginning. You can use a special lip scrub or gently rub them with a damp cloth to slough off the dead skin cells. Here is an easy and effective homemade lip scrub:

February 2, 2015 12:00 am

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