Is gifting soap a really bad idea?

Updated October 15, 2020

Every so often we have a few skeptical buyers who are still on the fence about giving our Goats Milk Soaps as gifts. “I can’t give them soap as a gift. They’ll think I’m trying to tell them they aren’t clean or they smell bad.”

We are here today to dispel the notion that gifting artisan soap is a bad idea. People will NOT be offended if they receive a gift of soap from you. Quite honestly, if you’re looking for a great gift to give to family, friends, a teacher, hostess or for a work or club gift exchange, you really should consider our artisan Goat’s Milk Soaps. Not only do they make a unique and appreciated gift that smells great, they also have amazing health benefits.

Our gentle, sudsy Goat’s Milk Soaps are made with a unique formula. They help treat the symptoms of chronic skin disorders; eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne prone skin. Goat’s milk soap is an effective natural cleansing alternative to chemically saturated commercial products. It doesn’t’ just clean skin, it exfoliates, moisturizes, repairs and rejuvenates it. No other soap can compare.

Still not sure if handmade soap is the right choice for your gift-giving needs? Here are a few things you should consider before you turn away:

You’re giving a quality product.

Our goat’s milk soaps are formulated with a unique combination of high quality ingredients in small batches. We pride ourselves in giving much more individual attention to the product detail and the actual results of our formulation.

You’re giving them relief.

Most people suffer from dry skin and don’t say a word about it. This is especially true in people who suffer with chronic skin disorders and during the colder drier months. Making matters worse are the commercial soaps that are chemically saturated with skin drying ingredients.

Goat’s milk soap cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and help to rejuvenate the skin’s surface. They bring instant relief to dry, itchy, flaky skin and leave it soft, smooth and silky.

You may be saving them money.

Skin disorders have been on the rise over the past 25 years and so has the use of chemically saturated commercial products and costly OTCD to treat them.

Harsh chemical drying ingredients can exasperate symptoms. People seeking relief don’t realize that the ingredients in their cleansers matter. Instead, they reach for whatever’s on the store shelves or prescribed, hoping for positive results. Natural, gentle cleansers, like goat’s milk soap are a safe, effective, and affordable alternative and solution.

You’re choosing a unique gift.

By giving artisan soaps you’re giving a gift that shows you appreciate individuality. These types of gifts are perfect for those one-of-a-kind friends and family members.

You’re giving a natural gift.

Many people today worry about what they use on their skin, and rightly so. Our Goat’s Milk Soaps are made with natural ingredients; goat’s milk, coconut, palm and safflower oils, glycerin, clay, and natural fragrances and essential oils.

Giving the gift of Goat’s Milk Soap is meaningful and we are confident that your family and friends will be pleased with your thoughtfulness. Our Goat’s Milk Soaps are available in a variety of fragrances for men, women, and children. Each bar weighs approximately 5.25 -5.75 ounces and lasts approximately 4-5 weeks per individual use. 

We also have a selection of Goat’s Milk Soap Gift Sets.  If you are looking for more natural skin care gift ideas, check out our complete line of natural skincare gifts.

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Written By: Mary Ellen Wank, Wellness Advocate and Founder of LATIV, Natural Skin Revival DISCLAIMER

December 22, 2018 8:19 am

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