Body Treatment

Treat yourself to All-Natural Body Treatment formulated specifically for those dealing with skin sensitivities. While many people think skin sensitivity is a minor issue, we understand that it’s very common and can be severe.

For instances, fragrances in skin-care products can cause redness, itchiness, and sometimes hives, especially to those with sensitive or dry skin.  That’s why we offer a unscented options for many of our products.  You get the same skin benefits, but without the fragrance and harsh irritating chemicals.  Discover Natural Skin Revival’s Body Treatment for skin sensitives including lotion, creams, ointment, balm, and scrub.

Products in the body treatment for sensitive skin are infused with rich botanical ingredients that melt deep into the skin to soften and soothe.  Active, yet gentle ingredients repair, heal, and revitalize skin while improving skin tone and texture.  Even more, they eliminate the itch, irritation, and pain associated with dryness.

If you need addition information for a specific skin condition, check out Help Me Choose section.  Here you will find product suggestions and a skincare regimen.  Visit our Blog to learn more about skin health and wellness.  A Healthy Body = Healthy Skin.