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    • Could Food Trigger Eczema? - For many people, there is a link between eczema flares and food allergies. Here are five of the most common foods that trigger or worsen eczema symptoms and what you can do to prevent flares. Here at LATIV, Natural Skin Revival we focus our attention on awareness, prevention and natural solutions to treat and manage... Read More
    • Cracked Heels: At Home Remedies and Prevention - Dry skin that hardens and cracks (also known as fissures) is a common skin disorder. One survey found that 20 percent of adults in the US experience cracked skin on their feet.  For most people, having cracked heels is more of a discomfort and a nuisance, however it can occasionally lead to more serious problems... Read More
    • The Benefits of Using Facial Cleansing Oils - Are you still skeptical about the oil cleansing method? So were most of our customers who now swear by it. Let’s help you make the switch by addressing some of these common questions: Is it safe to use oil on an already oily complexion?  Will it clog my pores?  What makes it better than regular... Read More