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    • How to Make School Easier For Your Eczema-Prone Child - Sending your eczema-prone child off to school can be a difficult time for many parents.  How will your child deal with the situation if a flare-up occurs?  Will the teachers react and respond swiftly and positively? How will the other children handle it? Our hearts are heavy just thinking about it. School doesn’t have to... Read More
    • Eczema – Helping Your Teen Take Responsibility - Sending a child back to school can be a difficult thing for some parents – especially when they suffer from eczema-prone skin. Let’s be honest, we live in a society that is incredibly focused on appearance, and as an adult you remember how challenging those grade school and high school years were.  Eczema impacts every... Read More
    • 8 Food Allergies & Intolerance That Cause Skin Disorders - Treating and managing any skin disorder to eliminate it or get it under control requires an understanding of the different foods that could be contributing to the problem.  Food allergies and intolerance play a huge role in the health and condition of skin.  As a result, it’s important to know the top 8 food allergies.... Read More
    • Shine Control: How to Control Oily Skin During Summer - While most of us love summer, there are a few people out there that aren’t fans because of what the hot, humid season does to their skin.  When temperatures and humidity levels rise, people with oily skin who naturally produce excessive amounts of oil (sebum), produce even more which leads to undesired facial oiliness.  Facial... Read More
    • Zinc Oxide: A Naturally Safe Way to Protect Skin - We are committed to using safe, natural ingredients in our formulations and the standards for our SUNCARE products aren’t any different. When it comes to sun protection, we believe in the safety and benefits of using an all-natural Sunblock that is formulated with the mineral zinc oxide. What is Zinc Oxide? As you probably guessed,... Read More
    • Mosquitoes: Here’s Why You Attract Them - Are you the one that seems to attract mosquitos more than anyone else at every outdoor summer function?   Well, you may be a “High Attractor”.  About 20% of people are considered high attractors which means they are especially prone to mosquito bites. So, what makes you a high attractor anyway? BEING ACTIVE Physical activities... Read More