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  • Why Eczema Is On The Rise In Children + Tips on What to Feed your Eczema Prone Child - As a skincare specialist, I meet an abundance of parents whose children have eczema.  Many of these children have severe eczema and spend most of their time covered in various topical steroid creams. Eczema has a tremendous impact on families, including missed work for parents, missed school for kids, poor concentration at school and home,... Read More
  • Eyelid Dermatitis (Eczema) Symptoms, Cause & Treatment - Are you waking up to inflamed red eyelids that burn, and itch?  Are your eyelids scaly or flaky?  If yes, then you probably suffering from eyelid dermatitis.  It’s the time of year when our inbox is full of questions about dry irritated eyelids.  Everyone seems to think it’s weather related.  But, if your eyelids are... Read More
  • Banish Bloating, Clear Skin and Feel Amazing - At 40, I was still dealing with adolescent acne and painful cystic acne.  By my mid-forties I had developed eczema and psoriasis while battling nail fungus.  Then there were the red itchy spots on my skin that just randomly appeared.  I was greeted every morning with red itchy eyes and eyelids that were swollen and... Read More