Exfoliating Scrubs

Revitalize and renew skin with an All-Natural Facial Scrubs that cleans while removing dead skin without irritation.  Due to a blend of gentle yet active ingredients, these exfoliating scrubs are safe for sensitive skin and teens.

They are primed with a creamy, moisturizing and cleansing natural base and enhanced with a blend of skin-refining powders and clay.  They rapidly remove dead skin, uneven patches, and signs of skin damage, and discoloration.  As a result, skin is left feeling soft, smooth and looks radiant.  Even more, it eliminates fine lines and instantly diminishes pores.

Explore products for each specific skin type in the Help Me Choose  section.  Visit Blog to learn more about skin health and wellness.  A Healthy Body = Healthy Skin.  Explore exfoliating body scrubs here: Body Exfoliating Collection.  Blog Articles of Interest: “The Benefits of Using an All-Natural Facial Scrub”.

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