Beeswax is the purified wax from the honeycomb of the bees Apis Mellifera. It is used primarily as thickener and emollient, but it also has emulsifying properties.

Candellila Wax, Natural
Candellila wax is a non-animal based wax. Plants producing candelilla wax grow in Mexico, North Central Plains, and the Chihuahua Desert. The wax occurs as the outer coating of the shrub which helps the plant retain moisture. Candelilla wax is a natural alternative to beeswax in cosmetics.

Carnauba Wax, Natural
Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the Brazilian palm copemicia Cerifera. It is the hardest natural wax known making it an excellent choice or solid sticks such as lipsticks, deodorants, and sun screen bars.