Clays are used in facial products because of their ability to tone, tighten, and exfoliate the skin. They draw out impurities, toxins and bacteria from the skin. People with acne and oily skin find clays beneficial because many draw out excess oils. We use two groups of clay: Montmorillonite clays which have strong drawing properties are excellent for removing oils, toxins and impurities from the skin; and Kaolinite clays that cleanse, stimulate blood circulation, nourish, and exfoliate skin.

Bentonite Clay
Bentonite Clay is a soft clay (combination of montmorillonite and volcanic ash) and is highly absorbent. It is an excellent detoxifying ingredient; it stores and neutralizes toxins. It’s best suited for oily skin as it’s thought to remove acne causing toxins from the skin and revitalize tire skin.

French Clay
(Montmorillonite) This French Green clay has the ability to absorb dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin and pores. Your skin will be left gently cleansed, soft & vibrant. This clay works best for oil, normal, combination, and dry skin types.

Fuller Earth
(Montmorillonite) Fullers Earth is a natural clay well known for its ability to “soak up” oils, and reduce oiliness from the skin surface, making this one of the best clays for those who have extra oily skin. It is thought to tighten the pores thus improving the skin texture with a smooth, soft and glowing appearance. In addition, this clay is often used in facial “bleaching” masks as it holds a natural skin lightening effect which comes from its components of mineral. Those who have blemishes, light age spotting and or those prone to acne might benefit for this wonderful clay.

Kaolin Clay
(Kaolinite Group) Mild and gentle, this is the least ‘aggressive’ clay making it a good choice for sensitive, dry or maturing skin as it does not overly “pull” the natural oils from your skin.

Rhassoul Clay
(Montmorillonite) Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals and trace elements that nourish the skin while it removes the dead skin cells, toxins, bacteria, and impurities. This wonderful clay is used in spa body wraps and facial masks. The clay has a reddish-brown color.