Why Natural Skin Care

Why Natural Ingredients…

Your cleansing and moisturizing products don’t need a lot of ingredients to be good. A few very effective natural ingredients will do the job that the chemical and synthetic ingredients promise to do, but often fail.

What we love about using natural products is that they have healing power, your skin and scalp will look amazing and feel silky soft and smooth, they save you money on doctor visits, prescription medications and other personal care products that only mask the underlying issues of problem skin. Best of all, you will feel emotionally uplifted with healthy glowing skin.

We use natural plant-derived ingredients to formulate our products so that your skin stays hydrated and moisturized. Our products are free from harsh chemicals, detergents, alcohol, and parabens that strip and irritate your skin. We do, however, choose to use a preservative in our lotions, creams, butters and conditioners to keep your products safe and long lasting. And, in some products we choose to use high quality fragrance oils that are free from phthalates and California Prop 65 re-portable ingredients. We simply love fragrance and so do many of our customers. Many who are sensitive to chemically saturated body care products find that our collection gives them relief from allergic reactions and chemical sensitivity.