Teen Age Skincare Guide

The teenage years can be a frustrating time when it comes to skin care.  Our bodies change during puberty and surges of hormones can cause flareups of blemishes, blackheads, cysts, and extremely oily skin. 

Learning how to properly care for your skin at this age sets the stage for clear skin now and healthy skin as your get older.

The first step in taking responsibility for your skin care regimen is knowing what type of skin you have: Normal & Combination, Oily Acne, Sensitive Rosacea, and skin disorders eczema and psoriasis.

In addition to the basic skin types, some teens struggle with eczema and psoriasis that require additional treatment and time.  For these conditions, it’s important to pay attention to what triggers the flares.  It might be food allergies or environmental factors.  Keep a journal about things that might irritate your skin  so that they can learn to avoid or reduce their chances of triggering a flare.

No matter what skin type you have, your main goal is to keep your skin balanced by controlling the skin’s production of oil (sebum). Rising levels of testosterone also increases your bodies natural oil (sebum) production and you are producing more keratin (protein that protects the upper layers of your dermis) which makes the skin thicker.  These normal bodily functions make breakouts more likely because the buildup of oil on the surface begins to block the pores, encouraging blemishes and blackheads.


There has been so much confusion and debate as to whether food contributes to skin woes.  Our research says yes.  In fact, it’s the leading cause of so many skin disorders today. 

Our goal as a natural skin care company is to provide you with safe and effective skin care products that keep your skin healthy.  We also recognize the need to raise awareness about possible triggers so that you can learn to avoid or reduce the chances of triggering a flareup of skin woes.

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Healthy skin care basic routine for teens

For each step, follow guidelines and product recommendations for your skin type

Step 1: Thoroughly Cleanse Your face

Cleanse your face daily AM and PM.  It’s necessary to remove your make-up every evening.

Normal and Combination, Oily Acne, Sensitive Rosacea

Step 2: Tone face with our Facial toning mists. 

Toners balance the production of oil, soothe and soften skin while removing any remaining residue.

Normal and Combination, Oily Acne, Sensitive Rosacea

Step 3: Moisturize your skin. 

Our moisturizing facial creams are formulated for each specific skin type which is what your young skin needs to stay balanced and hydrated

Normal and Combination, Oily Acne, Sensitive Rosacea

Step 4 Exfoliate 2X week. 

Exfoliation removes dead skin and clears out pores while balancing the production of oil.

Normal and Combination, Oily Acne, Sensitive Rosacea