Our Beginning

Mary Wank’s drive to create natural skin care products began when, at age 40, she was battling the onset of multiple skin allergies, eczema, skin rashes, and scalp psoriasis, while living with cystic acne for much of her life.

Like you, she tried everything, including over-the-counter and prescription solutions. It was through education, research, trial and error that she discovered that the harsh synthetic chemicals in her personal care products combined with poor dietary habits, were having a profound effect on her skin and overall health.

The lack of gentle, effective, and affordable natural products on the market spurred Mary to create botanical cleansers, creams, and treatments, carefully tailored to treat her skin disorders and allergy-prone skin. After years of product research and development, Natural Skin Revival was founded in 2008. From the very beginning Mary’s principles meant that product performance and ethical practices would never be sacrificed for profit.

The company philosophy is “Empowerment Growth”; raising awareness through educational lectures and workshops on how to understand, treat, manage, and protect skin from the elements that effect it the most and then provides personalized solutions that ultimately reduce the risk of preventable skin disorders, while promoting strategies for healthy living.

The company’s goals are to reduce the use of synthetic topical treatments by offering natural solutions at a fraction of the cost, and to ultimately reduce healthcare costs with a proactive educational approach that drives change by helping people understand the “why” as it relates to them.

Natural Skin Revival blog has a huge following and community. You can trust that the advice you’ll find here is based on sound experience, research, and knowledge. Mary focuses specifically on a balanced natural lifestyle approach to healthy skin and overall health and wellness. Posts cover everything from the benefits of natural ingredients to the causes and treatments of skin care disorders and skin allergies.