Wet Shave, Tips & Techniques


One of the most beneficial aspects of the traditional wet shave is that it will prevent or reduce the incidences of razor burn, ingrown hair, and razor bumps.

Razor burn occurs when skin is displaced and the hair follicle is twisted and pulled by the scraping action of the razor blade. Razor bumps, medically known as “pseudofolliculitis barbae”, are small abscesses that occur when hair gets trapped underneath the skin (ingrown hair) or when a hair that has been shaved grows back under the skin (razor bump). They’re especially common in people with curly hair.


  • Always use a sharp razor (replace blade regularly).  If you have sensitive skin stick to a single-blade razor – multiple blade razors may increase razor burn.

  • Soak and soften the area to be shaved beforehand with warm water or a wash cloth that has been soaked in warm water.

  • Shave in the direction that the hair grows.

  • Gently pat the skin dry after shaving.

  • Apply a chemical free skin toner to sooth and promote healing, improves skin tone and restores skin’s pH balance. Our ULTIMATE FACIAL TONER FOR MEN will also eliminate blackheads and minimize pore size.

  • Apply a skin moisturizer after shaving and toning your skin. We formulate two types of moisturizers; one for OILY ACNE, SENSITIVE SKIN and one for DRY DAMAGED SKIN.