Is it Eczema or Psoriasis?+ 5 Ways to Stop a Flareup Before It Starts?

Are you one of the 13% of Americans who have Psoriasis or Eczema (A-Topic Dermatitis)?  Over the past decade the number of people suffering with either one of these conditions has exploded, not just here in the United States, but globally. 

August and October have traditionally been set aside to raise awareness for people and families affected with Psoriasis (August) and Eczema (October).

We know, through extensive research that Eczema and Psoriasis have different underlying causes. However, they share similar symptoms. So similar that even doctors find it tough to tell the difference between the two.

The pharmaceutical industry capitalized on this problem, marketing products to treat these conditions at a hefty price, regardless of recent studies that show that these offerings aren’t always effective, and many come with a host of dangerous side effects.

We know, firsthand, that Eczema and psoriasis can make a person’s life miserable and leave them desperate to do everything possible to get the symptoms under control. But the truth is that there is no topical cure for either one of these conditions only treatments.  Eczema and psoriasis need to be treated and treatment needs to be consistent to manage the condition.

At Natural Skin Revival, during the months of August and October we focus our attention on the natural ways to treat these symptoms.  To eliminate them however, you must get to the underlying cause. Topical treatments are merely palliative.  They will not solve the problem, but natural skincare products are a safe, effective, and an affordable way to treat and manage them while on your journey to reduction or elimination. Check out our treatment guide for adults and children below


As a wellness advocate, I believe that many of todays skin disorders are directly related to a poor diet or a diet rich in animal products, processed foods, and high consumptions of fats, grain products, and alcohol, just to name a few.  My goal is to empower you to become an advocate of your own health.  Find a host of articles on diet, research, treatment and more in our Wellness Diet & Skin Health section.

Eczema and psoriasis can present very differently in each person. Comparing your symptoms to another patient’s won’t always give you the right answer. Talk to a dermatologist about getting the right diagnosis and treatment.


  1. Check Ingredient Labels
    When you have eczema, coming into contact with even just a small amount of an irritating can be detrimental. Fragrances and drying ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate can cause a flare up. Immediately discontinue use and keep a list of those products for future reference. When washing dishes, wear gloves to avoid contact with harsh cleansing ingredients.

  2. Eat for Healthy Skin
    So many people with eczema and psoriasis have a negative effect from consuming certain foods.  Animal products (dairy and chicken), processed foods and high consumptions of wheat products can cause a flare-up almost instantly (within 30 minutes of consuming)  Take notice to when outbreaks occur and what foods you consumed within a 12 hour period. When in doubt, stick to vegetables, fruits, greens, whole grains (in moderation) nuts, and legumes.  Find out more in our Wellness Diet & Skin Health section.

  3. Shower with Warm Water, Exfoliate and Moisturize
    Hot water can cause irritation so shower with warm water. Exfoliation is one of the best treatments you should include in your skin care regime.  It not only gets rid of the dry, flaky skin, it helps your moisturizers work ten times better.  Why moisturize dead skin  Make it a habit to moisturize your skin right after your shower or bath.

  4. Try to Keep Stress Under Control
    Stress is inevitable, but it can really exacerbate irritated skin. When you find yourself getting frustrated, take a time out.  Try to breathe deeply, go for a walk, do something that makes you happy, or talk it out with a friend. If you are experiencing severe stress or anxiety, we recommend seeking out professional help

  5. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!  Be consistent
    It is so easy to skip your skincare routine when your skin is clear.  However, consistent treatment is the best way to keep flare-ups away.  Moisturize every day, throughout the day, and at night before your go to bed. We recommendation keeping your moisturizing products where you will use them, by sinks, nightstands, end table, in the car, and your purse.

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Written By: Mary Ellen Wank, Wellness Advocate and Founder of LATIV, Natural Skin Revival. DISCLAIMER


October 2, 2020 7:49 am

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