A Simple Guide to Men's Grooming

A Simple Guide to Men’s Grooming

Unfortunately, for far too long, skincare has been placed in the “beauty” category and, as a result, has always been a topic of feminine concern. When we do talk about skincare for men it usually revolves around shaving facial hair and getting “really” clean with commercial products that inevitably over strip their skin and are packed with skin-irritating ingredients. Truthfully, most men may not know how to achieve healthy skin or understand the importance of it either, because they don’t possess the knowledge or tools necessary to achieve it. That’s where we come in with this simple guide to Men’s Grooming.

Men’s Skin Health

Men, just like women, have specific skin issues and they deal with some of the same skin disorders that need to be addressed. As far as we’re concerned, skin is skin, and caring for skin is crucial to everyone’s overall health.

Healthy skin not only looks good and stays looking good longer, but it also helps keep us free of diseases and infections. Sub-par skincare habits and using skin irritating products can lead to blackheads, acne, rashes, wrinkles and sores, which affect our appearance and how we feel about our appearance.

If you are looking to achieve healthier skin, start with our all-natural products for men that go beyond the beard. They are a safe, effective and affordable treatment and management solution to keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Next, you will need to have a basic skincare routine that includes shaving, cleansing, exfoliating, and protecting. There are other products we recommend that can be added to address specific skin issues and disorder; however, it is important to have the fundamental steps down and to use the right products. Here’s your daily skincare routine:


Cleansing removes surface dirt, sweat, bacteria, and pollutants that have accumulated on your skin. This ritual should be done every night and morning with a gentle cleanser that won’t irritate or strip your skin of its natural oils. We formulated two liquid facial washes; one for skin that is dry and the other for sensitive, oily, acne, and rosacea skin. You can also use any one of our Goat’s Milk Soap Bars. Check out the complete selection here Goat’s Milk Soaps.



Everyone needs to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, and softens skin for a better shave.  Dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin make your complexion look dull and clog pores which leads to other issues such as blackheads and acne. 

BONUS TIP: An easy way to clean and exfoliate your skin at the same time is to use one of our facial cleansing scrubs.

Our facial scrubs are formulated to cleanse, exfoliate, draw out dirt, absorb excess oil and unclog pores. Our gentle formulas are safe to use daily or use them a few times a week. They can be used in the AM or PM; however, we find that they are most effective when used in the PM. If you choose to use this a few times a week (2 or 3) than cleanse daily with one of our gentle soaps or botanical face washes.



Why should you use the wet shave method? Plenty of reasons. Our gentle natural shaving soaps for men are formulated with moisturizing glycerin and kaolin clay that stimulates circulation, gently exfoliates the skin and reduces inflammation for a shaving experience that is unparalleled.

Our unique formula:

  • Produces amazing lather.
  • Free from detergents, surfactants, sulfates, alcohol, and parabens.
  • Eliminates razor burn by moisturizing skin prior to shaving.
  • Softens skin while protecting it from cuts, nicks, and irritation.
  • Non-greasy, non-pore clogging shaving soap.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Leaves skin conditioned, hydrated, sleek, and smooth.



Every time after cleansing, exfoliating or shave, it is necessary to re-hydrate your skin as your natural oils have been removed. It’s also an opportunity to repair and improve your skin tone and texture. 

A good moisturizer hydrates and helps rebuild your skin’s natural protective layer without feeling greasy or heavy. Moisturize every PM and AM. After a shower, moisturize your body while it’s still slightly damp with a body lotion.


BONUS TIP:  If you want to streamline your morning routine, you can use a moisturizer that also contains SPF. However, you will need to have nighttime moisturizer that doesn’t have SPF.


Exposure to UVA/B rays is the number one factor for skin damage and premature aging. The UV rays penetrate skin and cause free radical to form inside of cells. These free radicals then go on to damage cells so they don’t function properly and can even lead to skin cancer. SPF should be used every morning and applied every two hours.


Sunblock vs. Sunscreen

When protecting your skin from the sun’s rays, it’s important to choose a sunblock over a sunscreen (read the full article here). 

A sunblock uses a natural mineral like zinc oxide that is safe and effective at blocking out the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them like a sunscreen. Zinc oxide naturally bounces the sun’s rays off the skin and back into the environment and it doesn’t irritate the skin or cause breakouts. Another benefit of zinc oxide for men’s skin, which tends to be oilier, is that it leaves the skin looking less shiny and more matte. Lastly, zinc oxide will calm and soothe any sensitivity caused from shaving, great for guys that haven’t made the switch to wet shaving.

Our SUNCARE products are formulated with non-nano zinc oxide that provides adequate protection without leaving a white residue on the skin.

A Simple Guide to Men’s Grooming Written By: Mary Ellen Wank, Wellness Advocate and Founder of LATIV, Natural Skin Revival DISCLAIMER

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