Mosquitoes: Here’s Why You Attract Them

Are you the one that seems to attract mosquitos more than anyone else at every outdoor summer function?  

Well, you may be a “High Attractor”.  About 20% of people are considered high attractors which means they are especially prone to mosquito bites. So, what makes you a high attractor anyway?


Physical activities can make you a target because you sweat and mosquitoes are attracted to sweat. The good news here is that you can dilute your sweat by staying well hydrated with water making your scent less attractive to them.


If you are a drinker, you may be a target.  Scientist aren’t exactly sure why, but it may be because alcohol increases your internal body temperature which seems to attract more bugs.


Mosquitoes love Type O Blood. Mosquitoes are 83% more likely to bite people with type O blood than any other blood type.


As if being pregnant wasn’t enough, pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide than non-pregnant women, because they are breathing for two. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide emitted by living animals because it helps find their target.


So, if you fall into any of these categories you need to take extra precautions to protect yourself. 

Our all-natural DEET-FREE Bug Mist Repellent provides hours of protection against insects during any outdoor activity. Our non-sticky formula protections against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes while it soften and soothes skin.  Even more, this lightweight spray mist has a cool refreshing scent and is safe for the entire family, including pets.

And if you get bitten, we recommend washing with our Neem and Tea Tree Shampoo & Body Bar followed by an application of our Neem Cream. Both work quickly to relieve the itch and irritation while eliminating the redness and inflammation.

Written By: Mary Ellen Wank, Wellness Advocate and Founder of LATIV, Natural Skin Revival DISCLAIMER

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June 28, 2019 12:49 pm

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