This really works, love the aroma (paisley queen and lavender bliss) and it stayed on all day even in extreme heat. Please note, that a little is all you need, I swipe twice, rub in, wait about 30 seconds and then wipe my pits with a Kleenex to remove any trace of oil. NO STAINS ON MY CLOTHS and I still smell fresh in the evening. Highly recommended.
Penny, Venice, FL

LAVENDER BLISS NATURAL DEODORANT – This is the best nontoxic deodorant I have found on the market. Not only does it actually work, but it doesn’t make me break out, I smell the relaxing lavender all day long, even after my yoga class. I also noticed it helped to lighten the dark skin of my arm pits. I am so glad to have this for my daughters who are just starting to use deodorant.
Sara, New Orleans 

NATURAL DEODORANT STICKS – I have been testing this product for a year now and love it. Absolutely no irritation, unlike other natural deodorants I used that had caused rashes within a few months of use. Some even after the first use. I like that it is made for sensitive skin and comes with the choice of essential oil or fragrance options. I have tried all 4 scents and like them all. I’m especially fond of the essential oil blends. Thanks for introducing me to your product.
Shelly B., Boardman, OH

“I was just about to give up on natural deodorants. I’ve been using your brand for a year and it still works, no irritation. I love the lavender and paisley queen. I can still smell it after working all day as a nurse, long days. No stains on my cloths either. Bought some for my nurse friends and they love them too. Highly recommend!
Patty, San Diego, CA