Salt Soap Bars

PURE HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BARS – This is an excellent product. It really makes my skin soft and smooth, I could hardly believe it. I’ve been using so many prescribed products and this soap did everything I had hoped those other products would do.
Kim C., Brunswick, OH

PURE HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BARS – My skin feels amazing after I use it, so soft and smooth. This really does get rid of body odor, so it works great as a sort of deodorant bath/shower bar. I bought two and just finished the first one after 4 months so it will last a long time. 
Sicily B., Mentor, OH

PURE HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BARS – One of the properties of salt is that it helps to eliminate bacteria and fungi. Since I am dealing with a husband that has athlete’s foot, this is a beneficial property. I can hardly smell his feet when he takes his shoes off after work anymore. It also has greatly reduced the amount of sweating with his feet as well as the calluses. Will continue to buy this.
Janice B., Colorado Springs, CO

PURE HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BARS – I am so glad I bought this soap. It is amazing, and has cleared up my son’s blemishes and dry skin. 
Monica R., Cleveland, OH

PURE HIMALAYAN SALT SOAP BARS – My daughter has eczema, and I read how this salt helps some people with the itching associated with the condition. I have her wet her hand and rub the bar around like soap before rubbing behind her knees. She said the itching stops immediately. So, it worked for her and is pretty cheap, since it will last quite a while.
Liz A., Berea, OH

GOAT’S MILK & LUFFA SALT SOAP BAR – Received order and have used already, want to let you know how pleased I am with the Luffa Bar Soap. I really love it. Thank you for your great products, and such quick delivery, I really appreciate that.
Judy, Cleveland, OH