Facial Cleansing

OILY ACNE SKINCARE – After years of using NSR, I can confidently say that this is the only skincare product that has helped address my acne and eliminate the shine.  I now have clearer skin and a healthy glow.  I had tried dozens of different treatments and medications.  No more docs or meds here.
Gina F., CO  

OILY ACNE SKINCARE – Best products I’ve ever used. It took years of wasted $ before I realized how important it was to stop drying out my skin.  Thank you for the amazing and affordable products.
Anne B., IL

NORMAL COMBINATION SKIN CARE – This saved my skin. I’ve been using the entire combination skincare line for 5 years. It’s the only product that works well and treats my acne breakouts and combination skin. Breakouts clear up within days.
Nikki., GA

SENSITIVE SKIN CLEANSING PRODUCTS – Remarkable for rosacea! I’m 28 years old with severe sensitive rosacea skin! After a week of use, I saw remarkable results. They calm the burning and puffiness incredibly fast. The redness and small pimples are almost gone by morning. Thanks for amazing and affordable products.
Angela B., OH

OILY ACNE FACIAL CLEANSING – WOW – seriously 4 days in and I can see and feel a change in my skin. This stuff works! And I’m loving it. So thank you to whoever started this amazing product line.
Robin, NY

PORE MINIMIZING MASK AND FACIAL SCRUB – Around the bridge of my nose I had blocked pores which were raised hard lumps. I thought I would have them for life. Within one week of using the Pore Minimizing Mask my skin was better and after two weeks it had cleared completely. I’ve been using it for 5 months now and my skin tone is even and it glows. I love all their products but especially the Mask. It leaves my skin looking clear, toned and bright. 
Holly B, Willoughby, OH

My nephew has used the acne products and his face looks much clearer. He also doesn’t have to rely as much on his prescription skin meds that are so costly.
Sandie D., ME

FACIAL SCRUB AND FACIAL CLEANSING PRODUCTS – What an amazing product! I had been using a commercial facial scrub for years and never had that same results as this. I have large pores and very oily skin, prone to cystic acne, and was told by the owner to use the facial scrub about every other day to start and then move it out to every third day. I’ve been using it now since November 2015 every third before bed after I wash off my makeup, and when I’m done scrubbing away, I leave it on for a few minutes since it has clay in it to draw out any toxins, then I use their facial toner for oily/acne skin and their moisturizer for the same skin type. My skin is so clear, soft and bright when I wake up, it feels amazing. Best thing is it has lots of natural ingredients and the price is so reasonable. Please don’t stop making this! 
Patti A, Youngstown, OH

FACIAL CLEANSING SCRUB – I am in love with every one of the products I have tried. This scrub leaves my aging skin smooth and bright!
Karen, N Olmsted, OH

FACIAL SKIN CARE DRY/DAMAGED SKIN & GOAT’S MILK SOAPS – I’ve used all of the Facial Skin Care products for Dry Damaged skin and Goat’s Milk Soaps for several months now and love them. I have never had any issues with sensitivity like I have had with other lines and my skin feels amazing all the time. I’m 63 and decided I was spending too much money on fancy bottles with empty promises. These products are so effective. I highly recommend. 
Donna, Z., Pittsburgh, PA

FACIAL CLEANSING SCRUB – LOVE IT! I love the way my face feels after using my mask!
Emily, Watchung, NJ

FACIAL CLEANSING SCRUB – Even though this scrub is gentle, it does exactly what I expect it to. It makes your skin feel soft and polished; If that makes any sense. Can’t explain it. But the best scrub I’ve ever used. And I love the smell. Natural and herbal… no chemical smell.
Carrie, Willoughby Hills, OH

FACIAL SAMPLE KITS, COMBINATION SKIN – Thank you for sending me the samples… “WOW”, “I’m amazed at the improvement in the appearance, condition, and texture of my skin, I could see the results over night.” 
Debby, Chicago, IL

FACIAL CLEANSING SCRUB – I really love this stuff…it feels rich and earthy, and it smells beautiful… it seems to lift away the dead skin without stripping it of its own oils. I don’t know how it does that but it truly is the most amazing scrub I have ever come across. I use it once a week after a opening up my pores with a warm cotton cloth. My face just glows for days afterward.
Kelly, Twin Lakes, WI

GO NATURAL FACIAL CLEANSING PACK, OILY ACNE SKIN TYPE – I am in love with your products! Like many of the customer reviews I read, I was really nervous to use an oil cleansing product on my oily skin, but it has been amazing. The facial toner makes my skin feel smooth and the moisturizer dries in seconds without feeling greasy and isn’t as shiny throughout the day. No other product has made my skin feel this awesome. Thanks for the samples, I’m hooked!
Kim P., Arizona