Foot Treatment

FOOT REPAIR LOTION STICK & HAND & FOOT SCRUB – These products used together really do wonders on my dry feet. I live in Ohio and wear flip flops constantly during the summer. As a result, my feet become incredibly dry and cracked. I scrub them first with a file and than use the scrub. After drying off I cover my feet (from ankle to tips of toes) with this lotion stick (dries quickly with no greasy feeling) and it keeps them amazingly healthy looking!
Amy G., OH

Love Your Feet Gift Pouch & Healthy Feet Foot Spray – I received the products as a gift and I’m really impressed. I’m a nurse on my feet all day and I have awful foot odor. This foot spray has saved the day and so has the lotion stick that I use every night before bed for my cracked dry feet. Once a week I do the scrub and it works like magic. The mint is refreshing not overpowering and I saw a difference with just one use! Using these products has become another part of my daily routine. This was such an amazing gift. 
Karen R., NY

HAND & FOOT SCRUB AND FOOT REPAIR LOTION STICK – AAA+ These are outstanding products! My feet get real dry and rough in the winter time from the dry heat. I put this lotion on after I scrub, throw on a pair of socks and go about my business. Hours later my feet are smooth and moisturized. 
Laura R., OH 

Healthy Feet Foot Spray – My feet feel so refreshed after I use this product. I even spray it in my shoes without a worry of destroying the fabric. The scent is great and I love that it takes all the odor right out of my shoes.
Kim B., PA

HAND & FOOT SCRUB – This is really a great product. I bought it for my husband who has really dry skin, a-topical dermatitis on his hands. He spent so much money paying a doctor to do what this has done for him in the comfort of our home. I can’t thank you enough for recommending self care to him. He was shocked to see the instant results after you showed him how to do it. The Neem is another great product that he uses regularly now. He would still be seeing a doctor if it wasn’t for you. Love your products.
Charlotte T., OH

I am a middle aged woman who has always had skin problems. I had acne when I was going through adolescence and about a year ago began experiencing the same problem with the onset of menopause. My daughter introduced me to Natural Skin Revival, in which she had bought some skin products and thought I would benefit from them as well.

I had been seeing a dermatologist for years, but when I began experiencing break outs at my age, I became frustrated with not getting positive results from medication. When I heard of Natural Skin Revival, I thought to myself, “What do I have to lose?” So I immediately got in touch with Mary Wank and she changed my life around! Within a couple of months of using Natural Skin products, my skin began to look healthier and my adult acne began to disappear.

Not only did the products work, but Mary took her time to personally call me when I first began using them. She gave me the confidence from her knowledge of how my skin was reacting to the products I was previously using and the foods I was eating. I thought she was a dermatologist, because she gave me more information than any doctor had. She took valuable time to explain my situation and encouraged me to continue the products so I could get the results I was looking for.

After almost a year of using these products, my skin is looking better than ever! I am so pleased with my results and will be using natural skin products for a very long time! Thank you Mary for taking the time to help me and many others in my same situation!
Kathy M., Burton, Ohio

I rave about your product out here in Colorado and always try to recommend everything! I’ve tried other local soaps but nothing has compared so far!
Kellie N., Denver CO

“Mary makes and sells great products. She has conducted much research and is very knowledgeable about the products she produces.”
Elaine B., Osprey, FL