Hair Conditioning

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO AND INTENSE HAIR CONDITIONER – I was experiencing hair loss, by what seemed to be handfuls, while I was tapering down on prednisone this past year. I never made the connection until I mentioned it to my doctor who told me it was in fact a side effect of the drug. I am lucky to know the owner of NSR who suggested I stop using bottled shampoo and switch to the Healthy Hair Shampoo Bar and the Intense Hair Conditioner because the natural ingredients would condition and be overall healthier for my scalp and hair. It was unbelievable how quickly my hair lose had stopped. Within the first month my hair felt and looked amazing, better than ever, even my stylist noticed the difference. I have been using the bar ever since and believe me it’s the best. I don’t even need other styling products, it’s that healthy now. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
Carol, Fairview Park, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO & MOISTURIZING HAIR CONDITIONER – I have thick coarse hair and my daughter has fine curly hair that turned to a knotted mess when it wasn’t pulled into braids. This shampoo bar and the moisturizing hair conditioner not only works on both our hair types but my daughter’s hair can be freed from braids because whatever magic they put into each product keeps her curls light and bouncy and prevents it from becoming a knotted nightmare. I LOVE these products. The conditioner works on my hair but doesn’t weigh down my daughter’s fine hair. Thank you!
Abby, Pittsburgh, PA

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO AND MOISTURIZING HAIR CONDITIONER – If you haven’t tried these products, you have to! With all I put my hair through, and my face, especially with dance makeup and hairspray for styling, these products have saved me! My hair dresser says that since using this shampoo and condition, my hair is the best she has EVER seen it! And she has been my hair dresses for 23 years! 
Nilsa even uses the baby products and she loves them! These are a must try! You will fall in love!
Cree, C., Cleveland, OH