Shampoo Bars

NEEM & TEA TREE SHAMPOO & BODY BAR – Love this product. I originally bought if for my husband who was so sold on the results that he convinced me to give it a try. I’m not sure why it took me so long, but WOW, what a difference it has made. Lathers really well, it leaves my hair shiny, soft and bouncy. The itching, dandruff and tiny bumps are gone. This is not just for men. Ladies, stop over paying for bottles of shampoo.
Kay, K., Newbury, OH

PROCURE ECZEMA & PSORIASIS RELIEF BALM NEEM & TEA TREE SHAMPOO & BODY BAR – Super amazing product and worth using, and a plus side is the smell is pleasant. My husband uses them for his skin and his dandruff and has seen a difference!
Carrie L., GA

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – Bought my son a few bars of this last summer. He was dealing with hair loss and dandruff. He tried several brands of shampoo with no success so he was very skeptical about a shampoo bar. Upon his request I bought more for x-mas. He said his dandruff and itchy scalp were gone, his hair felt stronger and he started to see new hair growth which his barber confirmed. He’s hooked. 
Marcia M., Chardon, OH

NEEM SHAMPOO & BODY BAR – My husband is completely sold on this product. Our shower was filled with all kinds of bottles, both commercial and prescription to help him deal with his dry, itchy irritated scalp (scalp psoriasis), and than I got him one of these. One use, I mean, the first time he tried it, his head didn’t itch all day and after that it only got better. He has been using it for over 6 months now and it’s the only thing in the shower, I use it too. No more wasted dollars on products or dermatologist visits. A must for anyone with problem scalp or just wanting a healthy cleaning option.
Lori, Kirtland, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – I’ve stopped shedding! You have to use these Shampoo Bars, seriously! I’ve been using the Herb Garden Shampoo bar for 6 months now after meeting the owner at a show. I was so skeptical, even scared to try it at first, but even my hairdresser comments on all the new growth and strength of my hair. My hairline is no longer receding. I love, love, love this product. I just started using the hair conditioner about 3 months ago and “WOW” even my husband loves the feel of my hair, keeps telling me how soft and shiny it is. Thank you so much for making amazing products.
Bonnie, N. Carolina

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR AND MEN’S SHAVING SOAP – I started using Mary’s shampoo and soap approximately three years ago. My hair is naturally oily and I always felt that I had to wash it each day. Since I started using Mary’s shampoo I am now able to skip a day of shampooing and no one is able to tell the difference. My wife has also commented about how soft my hair is, plus I have noticed an absence of hair on my pillow in the mornings. I also use her soap as well as the shaving products she sells. I noticed quite a difference in my skin using the soap, plus after I shave I no longer feel like I have razor burn or that my skin is dry. I am extremely satisfied with Mary’s products and would highly recommend them to anyone.
Ron W., Cleveland, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – After meeting the owner at an event last year, she convinced me to use the Healthy Hair Shampoo Bar while going through chemo. I was warned that my hair would thin but not completely bald. I decided to use the bar and I’m happy to say that my loss was very minimal and my hair stayed strong. As a matter of fact, my hair felt better than it did while using bottled shampoo. I have been using it since and my hair is the healthiest it has ever been. My stylist notices the difference as well.
Kim B., Pittsburgh, PA

GOAT’S MILK SOAPS AND HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO – I have been using some of these products for quite a long time. I especially like the soaps. My skin is sensitive and I have atopic dermatitis. When my skin is “acting up”, the soap does not cause further irritation or burning. I like the way it rinses off completely without residue, but leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not dried out.

I gave some soaps as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. Especially the soaps made for babies. I guess sensitive skin runs in the family, but the baby soap really helped the little ones skin. The solid lotion bar is fantastic. I gave a couple to my sister who babysits her twin grandsons. In the winter months, with drying air indoors, it is a lot easier to swipe the solid lotion bar on the kids than try to fool with some liquid moisturizer. It works a lot better too!
Annie U., Stow, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – I’m a 55 year old male who isn’t good at writing reviews, however, I can tell you that if you are dealing with thinning hair, you need to use these shampoo bars. I’ve been using it for over a year now and my hair loss has stopped and my Barber and I are amazed at the new growth. Men – This stuff not only works but it’s easy to use and travels well. I pack it up and use it as body soap on vacations too. 
Tim B., Willoughby, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – I’ve been meaning to write this review for the shampoo bar for quite a while now, so here it is… I have been washing my hair with this product for over a year now and my hair is so healthy – strong, soft, bouncy, and shiny. This product not only decreased the amount of hair loss on my head, my eyelashes are not as sparse as they were either. I never did have really thick lashes, but I have lashes again. At first my husband refused to use it, but even he noticed how nice my hair was. He has been using it for about 6 months, and loves, loves, loves it. No itchy, irritated scalp and absolutely NO DANDRUFF anymore. This is the best shampoo ever and I highly recommend it to everyone. This past Christmas I bought some for family and friends, and they are already convinced to ditch the bottle.
Deneen K, Burton, OH

PEPPERMINT TEA TREE SOAP AND HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – Can’t believe it took me so long to find Natural Skin Revival for my daughters’ oily, acne skin! My daughter is away at college and has tried everything, even medication, and nothing worked, or it just irritated it more. She has oily, acne skin with large pores, and I took the advised of the owner, to start out with the peppermint tea tree soap and herbal healthy hair shampoo bar. The first thing that went away was the back acne and her hair wasn’t greasy by the end of the day. My daughter cannot believe how awesome her hair feels now. In December I bought her the facial products for oily/acne skin and what a difference! It’s been two months now and she is so happy with how much better her skin looks and feels. The owner has us following her Facebook posts on eating for healthy skin, and although it’s not always easy for her to follow the advice, she is convinced that some of the foods she was eating took its toll on her skin. I just placed an order for the rest of my family. 
Marsha, Mentor, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – Just placed my next order – Everyone needs to try this, it’s great for the whole family, my husband loves it too, no more itchy, flaky scalp. I can’t believe how different my hair looks and feels with this shampoo bar. It’s softer, shiny and no more flakes, plus my color lasts longer. Cost effective and lasts for months!
Connie M, St., Petersburg, FL

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – I have a lot of fine hair, that gets oily fast. like the same day I shampoo my hair. But with this shampoo my hair was barely greasy the next day and absolutely not in a drying way, my hair is so shiny and ridiculously soft. I’ve never loved a shampoo this much.
Manda, Mentor, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO AND MOISTURIZING HAIR CONDITIONER – If you haven’t tried these products, you have to! With all I put my hair through, and my face, especially with dance makeup and hairspray for styling, these products have saved me! My hair dresser says that since using this shampoo and condition, my hair is the best she has EVER seen it! And she has been my hair dresses for 23 years! 
Nilsa even uses the baby products and she loves them! These are a must try! You will fall in love!
Cree, C., Cleveland, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – This is the best! After years of dealing with itchy scalp, I was convinced by the owner to try a natural shampoo bar. Simply amazing! No more itchy scalp and my hair looks and feels wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to educate me and bringing relief. I really cannot belief the difference.
Sue, Kirtland, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO AND INTENSE HAIR CONDITIONER– I was experiencing hair loss, by what seemed to be handfuls, while I was tapering down on prednisone this past year. I never made the connection until I mentioned it to my doctor who told me it was in fact a side effect of the drug. I am lucky to know the owner of NSR who suggested I stop using bottled shampoo and switch to the Healthy Hair Shampoo Bar and the Intense Hair Conditioner because the natural ingredients would condition and be overall healthier for my scalp and hair. It was unbelievable how quickly my hair lose had stopped. Within the first month my hair felt and looked amazing, better than ever, even my stylist noticed the difference. I have been using the bar ever since and believe me it’s the best. I don’t even need other styling products, it’s that healthy now. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
Carol, Fairview Park, OH

My husband can’t live without this! 
Karen, Westlake, OH

HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO & MOISTURIZING HAIR CONDITIONER – I have thick coarse hair and my daughter has fine curly hair that turned to a knotted mess when it wasn’t pulled into braids. This shampoo bar and the moisturizing hair conditioner not only works on both our hair types but my daughter’s hair can be freed from braids because whatever magic they put into each product keeps her curls light and bouncy and prevents it from becoming a knotted nightmare. I LOVE these products. The conditioner works on my hair but doesn’t weigh down my daughter’s fine hair. Thank you!
Abby, Pittsburgh, PA

Fragrant Free Shampoo Bar – Works really well and has made a huge difference. Not loosing as much hair and the itching has completely stopped.
Matt, OH