Goat’s Milk Soaps

These soaps are best! What they have done for my skin is unbelievable. I’m a guy that loves fragrance, so I’ve used quite a few. It’s a bonus that they last 4-5 weeks too. I’ll never by commercial soaps again.
Christian P., NY

I love Natural Skin Revival Goat Milk soap. Since using it, my skin doesn’t feel dry or itchy even in cold Maine temperatures!
Sandie D., ME

I buy these Goat’s Milk Soap bars for my husband who has really bad psoriasis. No other soap has ever stopped the itching and irritation or made his skin soft and smooth like these. The Best!
Monica., FL

I can swear by any of the NSR products and fragrances, but the lilac is incredible.  The goats milk soap lathers exceptionally well and makes my skin feel soft and smooth, not dry and tight. The goats milk lotion and butter work on contact and the feelings last for a long time – a little goes a long way. High quality product, exceptional service and affordable.
Maudie, TX

This is the best soap I’ve ever tried. The lather is exceptional and it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth and not dry and tight. I love all of your scents, but Pomegranate is to die for.
Jane P., CO

GOAT’S MILK SOAPS AND GOAT’S MILK LOTION – I love your goats milk soap and lotion products so much that I give them as gifts to all my family and friends. Your products have saved me so much money throughout the years. I no longer buy those prescribed creams that never worked anyway. I highly recommend your company to anyone who wants quality skin care products at affordable prices.
Samantha, NY

GOAT’S MILK SOAPS AND HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO – I have been using some of these products for quite a long time. I especially like the soaps. My skin is sensitive and I have atopic dermatitis. When my skin is “acting up”, the soap does not cause further irritation or burning. I like the way it rinses off completely without residue, but leaves my skin feeling hydrated and not dried out.

I gave some soaps as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them. Especially the soaps made for babies. I guess sensitive skin runs in the family, but the baby soap really helped the little ones skin. The solid lotion bar is fantastic. I gave a couple to my sister who babysits her twin grandsons. In the winter months, with drying air indoors, it is a lot easier to swipe the solid lotion bar on the kids than try to fool with some liquid moisturizer. It works a lot better too!
Annie U., Stow, OH

I love the goats milk soaps.  This is the first year that my upper arms haven’t been covered with dry pimples.  My legs don’t feel dry and itchy anymore either.  
I’ve mentioned you and your products to some of my neighbor friends and shared the website address so they can check it out.  I’m thinking of passing along some of the samples I’ve received with my orders to my closest friends.
Sandie D., ME

GOAT’S MILK SOAPS, WHIPPED SHEA BODY BUTTER AND LIP BALMS – I first used Natural Skin Revival last summer as a last resort in trying to find a soap that was not harsh to my son’s very sensitive skin. Not only was it perfect for my son’s skin, I ended up buying some for the rest of my family. My mom and sister won’t use anything else! We have all gone from using the soaps to including the lip balms and lotions as well. Natural Skin Revivalis is now the only soap and lotion we use in my family and LOVE the fun scents. Thank you!
Melissa N., Chardon, OH

FACIAL MASK AND GOAT’S MILK SOAP – I have tried a number of clay masks over the years and not one of them compares to the results I saw after using this mask. After one use my skin felt so much softer, smoother, and at the same time brighter, like it had been given a beautiful boost! Thanks for the fantastic products… The goat’s milk soap is out of this world!
Cathy, Mentor, OH

GOAT’S MILK SOAP – I have psoriasis, really bad. After a year of using your goat’s milk soap, my skin feels and looks better than ever! I am so pleased with my results and will be using your products for the rest of my life. Thank you!
Dorothy R., Eastlake, Ohio

PEPPERMINT TEA TREE SOAP AND HEALTHY HAIR SHAMPOO BAR – Can’t believe it took me so long to find Natural Skin Revival for my daughters’ oily, acne skin! My daughter is away at college and has tried everything, even medication, and nothing worked, or it just irritated it more. She has oily, acne skin with large pores, and I took the advised of the owner, to start out with the peppermint tea tree soap and herbal healthy hair shampoo bar. The first thing that went away was the back acne and her hair wasn’t greasy by the end of the day. My daughter cannot believe how awesome her hair feels now. In December I bought her the facial products for oily/acne skin and what a difference! It’s been two months now and she is so happy with how much better her skin looks and feels. The owner has us following her Facebook posts on eating for healthy skin, and although it’s not always easy for her to follow the advice, she is convinced that some of the foods she was eating took its toll on her skin. I just placed an order for the rest of my family. 
Marsha, Mentor, OH

FACIAL SKIN CARE DRY/DAMAGED SKIN & GOAT’S MILK SOAPS – I’ve used all of the Facial Skin Care products for Dry Damaged skin and Goat’s Milk Soaps for several years now. I have never had any issues with sensitivity like I have had with other lines. I’m 63 and decided I was spending too much money on fancy bottles with empty ingredients. These products are so effective. I highly recommend. Love the free product samples I get with each order, which is how I started using the facial products.
Donna, Z., Pittsburgh, PA

GOAT’S MILK SOAP AND SOOTHING SKIN OINTMENT – I just started using your goat’s milk soaps and soothing skin ointment this past summer and I am delighted to say that it has given me control over my eczema. For years I was prescribed topical medications that never gave me the same results. When I have a flare up, I just apply the ointment and get instant relief. I can sleep at night with no pain, irritation or itchiness. I absolutely love the way your soaps make my skin feel, soft and smooth, and I love all of your fragrances too. No other soap compares to yours, and I have tried so many. Keep up the good work.
Beth R., Chesterland, OH

GOAT’S MILK & LUFFA SALT SOAP BAR – Received order and have used already, want to let you know how pleased I am with the Luffa Bar Soap. I really love it. Thank you for your great products, and such quick delivery, I really appreciate that.
Judy, Cleveland, OH

PEPPERMINT TEA TREE GOAT’S MILK SOAP – “I was so skeptical about switching to a bar of soap as my body wash, but I’m hooked. The Peppermint Tea Tree Goat’s Milk Soap, has done wonders for my body acne and my skin isn’t dry when I’m done showering, just soft and smooth. No more bottled soap for me, I’m hooked.” Thanks 
Martha D., Indiana

GOAT’S MILK SOAP – I just bought a bar of the English Rose in early November and after the first use, no more body odor. I now it sounds absolutely crazy, but no other soap has done that. I can’t tell you enough how happy I am. I also want to thank you for your time and generosity. 
Ellie M. Chagrin Falls, OH

GOAT’S MILK SOAPS – These Goat Milk Soaps are the best soaps of any kind and I have used a lot of brands. My psoriasis is pretty severe and I dread taking a shower. But with these soaps my skin feels really soft and moisturized and I don’t have the redness, inflammation or itching after I shower. My husband is hooked on them too, he can’t believe the difference in the way his skin feels. I highly recommend you try this line, you won’t regret it.
Robyn F., Chagrin Falls, OH

GOAT’S MILK SOAP – I just want everyone to know how grateful I am. My family has been using the goat’s milk soap for years after dealing with eczema and other topical issues. It’s made such a huge difference and has saved us lots of money on doctor bills, meds and all the other products we were purchasing.
Maureen, OH