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This large soap saver works by gripping the soap bar, allowing for air circulation around the bar while preventing it from slipping.  Soap Savers keep your soap harder and help them last longer.   

This soap saver is durable and easy to clean.  It’s clear color and blends into almost any bathroom decor.  Find more soap savers here Natural Stone Soap Dishes.

How To Care For Your Goats Milk Soap Bars

Goat’s milk soap is a naturally softer soap due to its high moisturizing qualities. Like most soaps, but especially soaps made with goat’s milk, you should allow them to air dry. Do not let soap sit in water.

Keep it in a soap dish that has grates, allowing for air circulation around the bar. This will keep your soap harder and longer lasting.

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Customer Reviews

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Diane (Middlefield, US)
Soap saver

It keeps the sink area clean

Mari J.P. (Willoughby, US)
Soap Savers

I purchased a couple of the soap savers for my grandchildren because I give them the goats milk soap to use at their home. I like them because they keep the soap from getting mushy and they are not breakable and safe around younger children.

Holly W. (Aiken, US)
Soap holder

A must need. Sure saves on soap staying mushy and soap doesn’t stick to the holder. Should make soap last linger too. Great idea.

Thank you Holly!