Understanding Skin Care

Self care is a very important habit, so take the time to care for your skin and your skin will show the results. Most people don’t really know how to properly wash their skin. For instance, long hot showers do more harm than good; long showers and hot water both strip the skin of its natural oils. When bathing it’s important to remember that hot water opens your pores while cold water closes them, so keep the water warm, limit your time to less than 10 minutes, and before you exit the shower rinse your body and hair with refreshing cool water to close the pores so that germs and bacteria can’t get in.

A common question we have to answer is when to wash your face; before, after or during your shower. If you shower in the evening, wash and exfoliate your face, (if it’s the evening you are exfoliating) with our Facial Cleansing Oil and Natural Facial Scrub before you shower to remove dirt and makeup and dead skin, than shower. When you have finished pat yourself dry and then apply our Natural Facial Toner and Facial Moisturizer Cream. Don’t’ forget to moisturize your body with our Hand and Body Lotion with Goat’s Milk. If you shower in the morning, you can wash your face with our Goat’s Milk Soap while you shower and then apply the facial toner and moisturizer cream after you pat yourself dry.

Why we recommend our:

Facial Cleansing Oils

We avoid using oil on our face simply because of the misconceptions that oil creates more oil and that it has to foam in order to clean. Add to that the fact that for years skin care companies have told us we need to remove oil from our skin, especially our faces. But oils protect our skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturized. In addition to washing away dirt, makeup and daily pollution, our Natural Facial Cleansing Oils moisturize and heal sensitive, dry, aging and problem skin.

Facial Toners

Although there is a lot of debate about the need for facial skin toners, we believe that this is a crucial part of your cleansing routine. Skin toners serve quite a few purposes; the most obvious is that it removes all remaining traces of makeup and dirt that a cleanser may leave behind, and it refines and reduces the size of pores so that bacteria cannot get in. We believe that they also reduce redness, brighten the skin, and prepare the skin for the moisturizer that is applied afterward by softening and smoothing the surface. The toner acts as a delivery system for the nutrient rich moisturizers.

Facial Scrubs

It is amazing that even today many of us neglect such an important procedure as exfoliation, both facial and body… It’s ironic that the things that make the greatest impact are often underestimated. Exfoliation helps to expose newer skin cells by buffing away dry skin, helps unclog pores allowing sebum to flow and keep the skin moisturized, boosts circulation, and improves cellulite. Exfoliation will make your moisturizer work 10 times better, why hydrate dead skin?

It is important to know how often you should do exfoliating procedures and that depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you can generally exfoliate two to three days a week without any ill effects, whereas people with normal skin will do fine with a once-a-week exfoliation session. For those of you who have very sensitive skin it would be enough to do exfoliation 2 times a month or once in 10 days. People with more dry, delicate skin should exfoliate once a week, ideally with our gentle Natural Facial Scrub which will not irritate their skin. Obviously, you should skip the exfoliation if your skin feels dry or irritated, or if it looks red and flaky.